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Reactor Playfield

Screenshot of the reactor playfield showing a flow for creating a comic book

The Reactor Playfield is the area of the product where users build, experiment, and collaborate on AI workflows that contain blocks that interact with data and AI providers.

  • Flow-based programming
  • Graph vs tree
  • LLM transformation primitives
  • Automation and processing
  • Version control
  • Sharing and collaborate with others

Canvas Interactions

  • Clicking on the canvas pops open the add node menu
  • Drag a node type from the menu onto the playfield, and it will create a new root or attach itself to a node it was dropped on top of or near to.


The library is where users access all their reactors, data sources, and templates.


The Chaos Reactor Desktop onboarding steps are as follows:

  1. Website download page - Users sign up for an account to get the official and latest desktop app download. Initially we may limit this to a select alpha user list or Patreon supporters.
  2. Install the desktop app - Installing Chaos Reactor will work similarly to installing any other OSX or Windows app.
  3. Open the desktop app - User launches the app after installing it.
  4. View the first screen - Welcome screen orient users and connect their AI providers. This screen will show until users connect with a provider.
  5. Connect to AI providers - There is a different process for connecting with each provider.
    1. Hugging Face
    2. Open AI
    3. Stability AI
  6. Create first Reactor - After users connect to providers, they are dropped into a new Reactor with the template selction screen. They can choose an existing template, or start with a blank reactor.
    1. We need input on which use cases to cover in our templates.
    2. Templates will have docs that can load in the sidebar walking users through how to use the product.
  7. Select blank template
  8. Views Reactor Playfield - Celebrate success of connecting AI providers, and orient them to the playfield.
    1. If we wanted to add an onboarding tour it would start at this point.
    2. This is an opportunity to point out the help/docs area.
  9. Add first block in the Reactor Playfield.


Manage Chaos Reactor application settings and AI providers.