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Chaos Design System: Overview

Chaos Reactor is a no-code desktop app for building AI workflows.


  • Individual data ownershop - People should own their data and have an easy way to manage it. Chaos Reactor users will have control over their data and content which is why the MVP is a local-first desktop app.
  • Community-driven - Connecting people and ideas through community.
  • Approachable but deep - Chaos Reactor should be easy to approach and start using, but have a depth of exploration that creates endless possibilities.
  • Make the technical easy to understand - Break down technical concepts, remove jargon, and use visuals to best explain what's happening in the system.

Tools & Frameworks

  • Chakra UI - The Chaos Design System is built on top of the Chakra UI components.
  • React Flow - framework for building the flow editor.
  • Makeswift - marketing website.
  • Dousaurus - docs site
  • Github
  • Figma - this is our main design area, as we can make the most of the design system and plugins.